In the this module, you will be learning about pelvic floor anatomy, pelvic floor exercises, and a pelvic floor exercise sequence you can begin doing before your surgery.

Pelvic Anatomy Insight

Overview of your Pelvic Anatomy

male pelvic floor
male pelvis pelvic floor

Implementing Pelvic Floor Exercises Overview

Beginner Pelvic Floor Exercises Introduction

Diaphragmatic Breathing

1st Exercise of Pelvic Floor Exercise Sequence

The best position to start performing this exercise is in a lying down position. Once you get the hang of it, you can perform this exercise lying down, sitting, or standing. Get comfortable and perform this exercise for 3-5 mins.

Pelvic Floor Contractions aka Kegels for men

2nd Exercise in Pelvic Floor Exercise Sequence

Pelvic Floor Stretch

Modified version of the Pelvic Floor stretch can include: props, pillows, or whatever you feel comfortable using to hold your legs up while you relax in the stretch.

Wrapping Up Module III

In this section, you learned about pelvic floor anatomy, implementing pelvic floor exercises, and pelvic floor exercises you can start doing before your surgery. These exercises can be performed daily and up till the day of your surgery.

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